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As Caregivers, Women May Suffer More Than Men
Women may face greater challenges than men when looking after a loved one with a serious illness, a new study suggests.
Less Heart Care, More Strokes for Women?
Women in the United States with the common heart rhythm disorder atrial fibrillation are more likely than men with the condition to suffer a stroke, a new study shows.
Nurturing Childhood May Pay Off Decades Later
Older men raised in caring families might have more secure marriages in late life, researchers say.
Beware Heart Attack Risk From Shoveling Snow
Shoveling is the probable reason why men are more likely to suffer a heart attack after a heavy snowfall, researchers report.
After Wives Suffer Stroke, Husbands Adapt to Caregiving Role
Being thrust into the role of caring for a spouse or partner who's had a stroke can be terribly unsettling. But in a small study, men reported more successes than problems in their first year of caregiving.
Don't Sweat It: Gender Doesn't Dictate Perspiration Rate
Differences in how much men and women sweat have little to do with gender, according to a new study.