The Added Benefits of Vegan Proteins
There is no denying that plant proteins are all the rage but there are some real fact-based reasons why taking a plant protein may be a better choice for overall health. One of the far-reaching benefits of plant-based proteins vs. whey proteins is that plant-based proteins have more nutrients and fibre than regular whey type proteins. Looking at just the fibre spectrum of plant proteins may be reason to try a vegan protein. Fibre aids in digestion and removal of wastes, it promotes a healthy gut microbiome, and is often associated with lowering cardiovascular risks. Another great reason to reach for vegan? The various types of plant sources used in vegan proteins are nutrient dense which helps to ensure that you are getting the micro and macro nutrients (a wide spectrum of vitamins & minerals) from your protein source, not just the amino acids. Plant based proteins may contain essential fatty acids, much needed B12, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and more. Most plant-based proteins are a combination of a few different plant sources to provide the required essential amino acid profile, usually coming from rice, pea, hemp, quinoa & sprouts. Plant proteins contain fiber and digestive enzymes, leaving you with a more satisfied full feeling.
Consider a plant-based protein without the Peas
Most Plant proteins contains peas as the main source of protein because it is a less expensive option for protein powders and creates a smoother feel and texture to proteins. However, pea protein can be problematic for some people with a sensitive stomach and may also account for some of those bloated feelings you get from vegan proteins and that off-putting taste in some brands. If the pea protein in your vegan protein is not fermented (predigested) or if it comes from a cheap source, it can cause even more stomach upset and should be avoided. This is why we are enamored by the new Organic Fermented Vegan Protein products from Botanica. They have removed the pea protein and use protein sources that are more in line with a normal vegan diet such as organic fermented and sprouted grains (brown rice, quinoa and coconut powder). Brown Rice and Quinoa both provide the full spectrum of amino acids, even those essential ones. They are nutrient dense with vitamins and minerals to provide a complete balanced choice for meal replacements in between meals etc. Botanica Perfect Proteins have also added coconut powder for an added protein kick. It is rich in fibre content and it helps balance blood sugars. Botanica Perfect Proteins do not use any added sweeteners, not even stevia, but they still taste good. We like that they have expanded their Perfect Protein line to include specialized formulas such as Botanica Perfect Protein for Adrenal Support, which includes all the benefits of the protein with added herbal ingredients to support adrenals (Ashwagandha, Reishi and Vitamin C from acerola cherries). Botanica Perfect Protein Elevated Anti-Inflammatory is an organic plant protein blended with anti-inflammatory superfoods such as Turmeric, Ginger and Moringa. Botanica Perfect Protein Elevated Brain Booster is an organic plant protein blended with brain-boosting superfoods like Lion’s Mane, Rhodiola and B Vitamins. To ensure the best experience in vegan proteins, choose a high-quality brand that uses high quality ingredients. You may just be surprised at how great they make you feel.