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Slim Styles 180's

Slim Styles 180's

500 mg - 180 Caps

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SlimStyles PGX Capsules for Appetite Control

Science has a new answer for healthy weight control: PGX® You CAN attain and maintain your ideal weight, with the SlimStyles® weight loss program. PGX® (from PolyGlycoPlex®) is a unique blend of highly soluble polysaccharides that improves glucose balance, appetite control and cholesterol. PGX has been clinically proven and is a completely safe, natural, highly effective way to control appetite, so you can eat less. PGX is available in capsules, granules and new SlimStyx™. It is also a key ingredient in SlimStyles Meal Replacement drink mixes.


PGX natural polysaccharides (soluble fibres):

  • slow the digestion of food

  • reduce food cravings,

  • balance blood sugar levels,

  • promote regularity

  • and improve cholesterol.

Controlling appetite and moderating your intake
To maintain a healthy weight it is essential to control calorie intake to prevent storage of excess calories as extra weight.  Many people crave foods high in fat and /or sugar because these provide a sensation of fullness and satisfaction almost immediately, but this feeling does not last and such foods cause blood sugar spiking. PGX provides that sense of fullness while it improves blood sugar balance. In one study researchers found that teenagers given a PGX drink before an “all you can eat" pizza lunch, ate significantly less, 100 calories less on average, than those given a comparison drink.


Suggested usage: 2 to 4 capsules with at least 250 mL of water before meals or as directed by a health practitioner. Up to 5 to 10 capsules before meals or snacks can be taken for effective appetite control. Each PGX capsule taken requires taking 50 mL to 100 mL of water (2 to 4 oz or ¼ to ½ cup). If you are under 18 years of age, pregnant or nursing, or have health concerns, consult your health practitioner before starting any weight loss plan. If on medication it is advisable to take medication one hour prior to or 2 hours after taking any product that contains PGX.