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Slim Styles - Strawberry

Slim Styles - Strawberry

800g Meal Replacement Drink Mix with PGX®

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SlimStyles® Very Strawberry - 800g Powder

You CAN attain and maintain your ideal weight, with the SlimStyles® weight loss program with PGX. This is a clinically proven, safe, natural and effective way to control appetite, making it much easier to eat less and lose weight.

PGX is a unique blend of natural polysaccharides (soluble fibres) that:

  • slow the digestion of food

  • reduce food cravings,

  • balance blood sugar levels,

  • promote regularity

  • and improve cholesterol.

Start each day with a SlimStyles Meal Replacement Shake for good nutrition, with the appetite control and other benefits of PGX. SlimStyles helps you resist cravings, eat less and achieve permanent, healthy weight loss.

The Canadian Center for Functional Medicine conducted a weight loss program using SlimStyles Meal Replacement with PGX from December to February, possibly the most difficult time to lose weight. Participants using the SlimStyles Meal Replacement Drink Mix consistently lost up to two pounds per week.

SlimStyles Meal Replacement drink mix comes in 8 delicious natural flavours.




Preparing and Using SlimStyles® Meal Replacement with PGX®

For best results, the SlimStyles Meal Replacement drink mix with PGX is usually taken twice per day, most often for breakfast and lunch, with a low calorie regular meal eaten once per day, usually for dinner. Complete instructions and meal plans are included in every package.

Mix the Meal Replacement with water as directed  and drink additional water to avoid dehydration. Once mixed, the meal replacement product thickens fairly quickly. Therefore it should be consumed quickly or made up as two half servings and consumed separately. It can also be mixed and placed in the refrigerator for thirty to sixty minutes for a delicious pudding. 

Once weight loss goals have been achieved, SlimStyles Meal Replacement with PGX should be used at least once per day for long-term weight management.