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Vital Greens Liquid - 500 Ml

Vital Greens Liquid - 500 Ml

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Get a liquid boost of essential green nutrients with Vital GREENS.  Help to energize, detoxify, stop cravings plus aid digestion with Naka's Vital GREENS liquid featuring over 40 herbs and superfoods for vitamins, antioxidants and more! Vital GREENS is also the official green food supplement of the Hockey Hall of Fame. Join the liquid greens revolution and take just one great tasting liquid tablespoon a day.

Shake well before each use. Take before breakfast, one tablespoon (15 ml) once daily in 100 ml of water. Use the calibrated measuring cap provided in the package to obtain an accurate dosage. Do not drink directly from the bottle.

Ingredients: Each 15 ml contains:

Medicinal ingredients:
Superfood Complex [1:10] ...........................3750 mg
(Provides: wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, soy lecithin (99% oil free), spirulina, apple pectin fibre, sprouted barley malt, brown rice bran, bee pollen, pineapple juice powder, Nova Scotia Dulse, fructooligosaccharides, chlorella, beet juice powder, oat grass, rye grass, grape seed extract, peppermint leaf, royal jelly, acerola juice powder, licorice root (20 mg), rhubarb juice powder, aloe vera (whole leaf), ginkgo biloba (10 mg), ginger root and bilberry leaf.)
Eleutherococcus Senticosus (Siberian Ginseng) [1:1] ............. 450 mg
Vegetable Juice Complex [1:10] ................. 200 mg
(Provides: broccoli juice, carrot juice, tomato juice, beet juice, spinach juice, cucumber juice, brussel sprout juice, cabbage juice, celery juice, kale juice, asparagus juice, green bell pepper juice, cauliflower juice, parsley juice, wheat grass juice.)
Chlorophyll Powder................................. 100 mg
Aloe Vera Extract (whole leaf) [200x] .........7.5 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients:
Triple filtered water, stevia, vegetable glycerine, sea salt, preservative for freshness (potassium sorbate), natural apple and peppermint flavour.

Precautions: Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

This is a product with natural components. Therefore, slight variations in the colour and taste are normal and do not affect the quality of the product.