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You might have seen fennel in the produce section of your market without knowing what exactly it was. Fennel is a fragrant bulb that can be a food lover's dream ingredient, because it has a refreshing taste, similar to anise or licorice, and pairs well with other ingredients to create gourmet dishes.
The feeling of "oneness" may make you more satisfied with your life, new research finds.
Obliques are the muscles that run along the sides of your torso, from the lower eight ribs to the front of the hip bone. They contract when you rotate your torso, so a great way to develop them is with an exercise called the Russian twist.
Whether you call it snowplow, bulldozer or helicopter parenting, these child-rearing styles have gotten a lot of attention recently, and the acknowledgment that they may not be the best way to raise a confident, well-adjusted young person.
Could quitting tobacco involve something as simple as a pleasant scent?
Being a family caregiver may not be as hazardous to your health as most people think, researchers say.
For some people, the stress of dealing with a particularly rough patch in life or trauma may also strain the heart, a large new study suggests.
No matter your fitness level, adding just a little more exercise may prolong your life, new research suggests.
If you want to celebrate many more birthdays, new research suggests you should speed up your weight-lifting routine.
A newborn's first stool holds telltale clues about his risk for becoming an overweight 3-year-old, according to a European study.