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It's no secret that we love our smartphones and other electronic devices for staying connected. Perhaps too much.
Sometimes it's hard to fit 30 minutes of exercise into your day. But did you know you can break up daily workouts into shorter segments and get the same health benefits?
Sepsis is the body's deadly response to an infection that lurks in the tissues and organs.
Vascular dementia is the second most common form of dementia, behind Alzheimer's disease.
Dance classes may beat traditional exercise when it comes to improving older adults' balance -- and it might enhance brain areas related to memory and learning along the way.
Change your lifestyle, change your life span.
As marriage ebbs and flows, so might the health of your heart, at least for men.
In a finding that challenges the belief that stress heightens your ability to spot danger, researchers report it did the opposite in lab experiments.
Some runners find that the onset of colder weather means putting their running shoes away and moving their workouts to an indoor treadmill.
As Americans in their 50s move toward retirement age, many are in worse overall health than their peers in prior generations, researchers warn.