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Energy Audit, energy drainers, plastic food, stress, T.I.R.E.D. syndrome.


The10-Minute Energy Solution is a book written by Jon Gordon, in which Gordon proposes the idea that devotion of 10 minutes every day to well-being will result in drastic increases in energy and personal satisfaction. Gordon proposes that energy constraints, or "energy drainers," are the primary hurdle most people cannot overcome in their daily lives. Thus, spending 10 minutes a day may help increase well-being, productivity, and personal success.
Since the book was published in 2005, Gordon has developed a variety of literature, speaking engagements, and website material that emphasizes various aspects of the lifestyle touted in the first book. The 10-Minute Energy Solution now also includes product partnerships and endorsements.
There are currently no available high-quality studies evaluating this practice.


In order to increase one's energy, Gordon proposes that an individual must avoid sources of what he terms "energy drainers." These include high stress and what he calls "plastic food." The sum result of an energy deficient lifestyle results in what Gordon terms T.I.R.E.D. syndrome.
Followers of this practice typically begin with an "Energy Audit" in order to access the energy drains in one's lifestyle; this audit is available in Gordon's book, The10-Minute Energy Solution. This tool is thought to help the reader to identify personalized causes of energy drainage in everyday life. After the "Energy Audit," the user follows the day-by-day plan to do positive things that will boost energy. Examples of 10-minute positive acts include taking a walk every morning or performing a kind act for a neighbor.
Simultaneously, the user begins to follow the diet outlined in The10-Minute Energy Solution by increasing their consumption of healthy foods while decreasing the consumption of caffeine. Followers of this modality may use products advocated by Gordon, such as certain teas, water filtration, and herbal supplements.
Advocates of this modality report significant increases in energy and renewed vitality after following the plan for one month.

Theory / Evidence

Proponents of The 10-Minute Energy Solution lifestyle have testified to its uses, however, due to the possibility of bias, no firm recommendation can be made regarding its efficacy. There are currently no available high-quality studies evaluating this practice. The use of ambiguous terms, such as "energy drains," also adds to the challenge of evaluating the efficacy and mechanism of action of this modality. T.I.R.E.D. syndrome is not a medical diagnosis recognized by the American Medical Association or any other professional medical association in the United States.

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