12 Hour Nasal Relief [OTC]

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Brand Names: U.S.: 12 Hour Nasal Relief [OTC];4-Way? 12 Hour [OTC];Afrin? Extra Moisturizing [OTC];Afrin? Original [OTC];Afrin? Severe Congestion [OTC];Afrin? Sinus [OTC];Dristan? [OTC];Duramist Plus [OTC];Neo-Synephrine? Nighttime12-Hour [OTC];Nostrilla? [OTC];NRS? [OTC];Vicks? Sinex? VapoSpray 12-Hour;Vicks? Sinex? VapoSpray 12-Hour UltraFine Mist [OTC];Vicks? Sinex? VapoSpray Moisturizing 12-Hour UltraFine Mist [OTC]
Brand Names: Canada: Claritin? Allergic Decongestant;Dristan? Long Lasting Nasal;Drixoral? Nasal


It is used to treat nose stuffiness.
Oxymetazoline shrinks swollen nose tissue and opens up passages.


How to take
Do not take this drug by mouth. Use in your nose only. Keep out of your mouth and eyes (may burn).
Blow your nose before use.

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