American pawpaw

Pawpaw/Drug Interactions:

  • Insufficient available evidence.
  • Pawpaw/Herb/Supplement Interactions:

  • 7-keto7-keto: Pawpaw extracts may stimulate mitochondria via a hormonal mechanism. The oxidoreductase system that pawpaw extracts have been proposed to affect is located in the mitochondrial membrane. The combined use of 7-keto and pawpaw extract could antagonize each other's effects.
  • AntioxidansAntioxidans: Pawpaw extracts are hypothesized to be oxidative.
  • Coenzyme Q-10Coenzyme Q-10: Pawpaw may inhibit electron transfer reaction in the NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase reaction.
  • Pawpaw/Food Interactions:

  • Antioxidant foodsAntioxidant foods: Pawpaw extracts are hypothesized to be oxidative.
  • Pawpaw /Lab Interactions:

  • Insufficient available evidence.