Aging Health


Physical Fitness Linked to Mental Fitness in Seniors
Connections between different parts of the brain weaken with age, but new research suggests that being physically fit can boost long-term brain function.
Slowed Walking in Seniors May Signal Alzheimer's Danger
Seniors who walk more slowly may have higher amounts of a protein linked to Alzheimer's in their brains, a small, new study suggests.
When Seniors Stop Driving, Poorer Health May Be a Passenger
Older adults who give up driving may see their mental and physical well-being decline, a new research review finds.
Depression May Boost Seniors' Risk for Heart Disease, Stroke
Depression increases the risk of heart disease and stroke in older adults, a new study indicates.
U.S. Dementia Rates Seem to Be Falling, Study Finds
U.S. seniors may be developing dementia less often and at later stages of life, a decades-long study suggests.
Weakened Knees a Big Cause of Falls for Older People: Study
A new study supports what many American seniors may already know: that knee "instability" boosts their odds for a dangerous fall.
'Mindfulness' Might Help Older Adults With Back Pain
Mindful meditation may offer a measure of pain relief to seniors suffering from chronic lower back pain, new research suggests.
Computer Use May Help Deflect Seniors' Memory Problems
Seniors who use their computers as little as once a week may help ward off age-related declines in memory and thinking, new research suggests.
Severe Depression Linked to Dementia in Seniors
Major and worsening depression may significantly increase seniors' risk of dementia, a new study suggests.
Diabetes Doesn't Doom Seniors to Disability
American seniors with diabetes are starting to live longer without disabilities, a new study finds.