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Many Pet Owners Happy to Have Fido, Fluffy Share the Bed
When your bedtime approaches, does a four-legged friend hop onto the blankets, too? A new study finds that for many American pet owners, that's not a bad thing.
Holiday Plants Can Pose Health Risks to Kids, Pets
Those decorative plants may add holiday sparkle to your home, but they may also pose a risk to children and pets, an expert cautions.
Health Tip: Are You Allergic to Your Pet?
If you suspect you're allergic to your pet, be on the lookout for typical symptoms.
Some Foods 'Pawsitively' Off Limits for Pooches
It can be tough to deny those pleading eyes, but dog owners need to be careful about giving human food to their pets, a pet health expert warns.
Smokers Unleash Harms on Their Pets
Secondhand smoke not only harms people, it also poses a danger to dogs, cats and other pets, a veterinarian warns.
Pet Meds Sending Kids to the ER
The flea medications and heartworm pills that millions of Americans give to their beloved pets pose poisoning risks to any children in the home, new research warns.
America's Porky Pets Face Health Woes, Too, FDA Says
America's weight problem extends to its pets, with a majority of cats and dogs dangerously overweight, a federal government veterinarian warns.
Lower Back Injuries Plague Many Athletes
Back injuries are common, especially among competitive athletes.
When Disaster Strikes, Don't Forget Your Pets
People are urged to prepare for disasters by having an emergency plan, and animal experts say that your plan needs to include your pets.
Dog Walking a Treat for Pet and Owner Alike
Why do people walk their dogs? A new British study suggests it's not for the exercise.