NATURAL FACTORS Oil of Oregano (30 ml)

Protects against infectious organisms, including bacteria, yeast, fungi, and parasitesProvides antioxidant protectionReduces inflammation and supports the immune systemHelps relieve respiratory and sinus conditions, and seasonal allergiesCan be used topically to relieve muscle pain, insect bites, and minor skin conditions
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Oil of Oregano is a potent herbal antimicrobial that effectively tackles bacterial, yeast, fungal, and parasitic infections. It offers powerful antioxidant protection and immune system support, and helps relieve various respiratory conditions. Natural Factors Organic Oil of Oregano is derived from wild-crafted Origanum vulgare using gentle steam distillation to ensure purity.
Medicinal Ingredients
  • Oregano30 mg
  • Vitamin E1 mg AT
Non-Medicinal Ingredients
  • Olive Oil
An antioxidant for the maintenance of good health.