BACH Rescue Night Spray (20 ml)

Alcohol-free, RESCUE® Night is suitable for all the family to useGluten Free - Diary Free - Alcohol Freesuitable for the whole familynon-drowsyvegan friendly
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Bach Rescue Night Spray is a combination of the five Bach™ Original Flower Essences found in RESCUE® plus the Bach™ Original Flower Essence of White Chestnut. White Chestnut has traditionally been used to help switch off the mind from unwanted, repetitive thoughts. These flower essences combined in RESCUE® Night to help you enjoy a natural night’s sleep.
Medicinal Ingredients
  • Horse chestnut5 X
Non-Medicinal Ingredients
  • Distilled Water
  • Ethanol
Simply spray 2 sprays directly onto the tongue. Bring spray nozzle up to mouth and apply 2 sparys onto the tounge prior to going to bed. Additional sprays may be taken during the night as needed.