BOTANICA Kids Calming Compound (50 ml)

general formula useful in mild to moderate cases of insomniaHelps with restlessness, anxiety, irritability and tensionDairy free. Gluten free. Soy freeNon GMO. Vegetarian.
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This is a general nervine/sedative formula useful in mild to moderate cases of insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, irritability and tension. The herbs have antispasmodic and mild anodyne (pain relieving) activity which makes them useful for stomach aches caused by stress, bruxism, attention deficit problems and muscle spasms and toothaches.

For insomnia 15-30 drops (.75-1.5mL) in the evening (ideally in Chamomile tea) while symptoms persist. For general anxiety or irritability 10-20 drops (.5-1mL) taken 3 times per day.
Medicinal Ingredients
  • Avena sativa0.125 ml
  • Matricaria chamomilla0.125 ml
  • Nepeta cataria0.125 ml
  • Scutellaria lateriflora0.125 ml
Non-Medicinal Ingredients
  • Distilled Water
  • Vegetable glycerine