RENEW LIFE Kids Throat Defence Probiotic 10 Billion Orange Burts (30 Chews)

Clinically studied strain to support kids’ throat healthSupports respiratory healthDigestive supportMade with tooth-friendly xylitolNo refrigeration required
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Specially formulated for kids, this chewable probiotic is packed with 10 billion
live cultures, featuring 3 clinically studied strains, to support children’s throat
health and help strengthen little immune systems.
Nearly half of the most frequent health issues facing kids are related to throat
health. In fact, 90% of children aged 0–5 have experienced at least 1 throat
infection, making it the #1 reason for pediatrician visits.
Renew Life Kids Throat Defence Probiotic is a fast and easy way to support
kids’ throat and gut health and help prevent issues before they start.