ENEREX Pure Greens Energy (253 gr)

Increases energy and stamina during aerobic & anaerobic exerciseA glass of greens can help lift the brain fogPrevent the visible signs of aging
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PURE GREEN ENERGY increases energy and stamina during aerobic & anaerobic exercise, and its unique natural ingredients may also build muscle & boost metabolism. It can heighten alertness without coffee’s and energy drinks’ typical increased heart rate, anxiety, dependency and withdrawal symptoms. PURE GREEN ENERGY enhances brain power: its chlorophyll & potent antioxidants improve mental clarity & alertness; coconut oil MCT heightens brain function by fueling brain cells more efficiently. Its raw greens also increase body alkalinity & reduce acidity to restore healthy pH, which lessens disease & inflammation.
Medicinal Ingredients
    Blend or shake 2 rounded teaspoons (9.725 g) of Enerex PURE GREENS ENERGY with 250 ml of liquid. Best if consumed immediately, first thing in the morning. Also can be added to smoothies or any food preparations (avoid high heat).