BRAVE Protective Face Mask - Replacement Filters

1 PM 2.5 Filter Included with Mask3-Pack Replacement Filters
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PM2.5 Filter Included with Mask

2.5 microns is pretty darn small — less than a third of a human hair! The included PM2.5 filter can handle particles that tiny. Even with daily use, the filters are effective in filtering out PM 2.5 for up to a week thanks to the multi-layered non-woven fabric construction and activated carbon layer.

Meltblown Triple Filter Layer
Melt blowing is a conventional way of making micro- and nanofibers. Unlike traditionally woven fibers, the melt blowing process weaves an intricate web for filtering gas and air.

Activated Carbon Layer
Activated carbon is an incredibly porous surface that is used in gas filtration to trap oil vapors, odors, and other hydrocarbons from the air.

Non-Woven Fabric
Nonwoven fabrics provide a myriad of specific functions including filtration, use as a bacterial barrier, and sterility. This is why non-woven fabrics are commonly found in hospital-grade materials.
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