GENESTRA Silymarin (60 veg caps)

Used as hepatoprotectant/liver protectantUsed in Herbal Medicine to help support liver function and relieve digestive disturbances/dyspepsiaProvides 500 mg of milk thistle extract per daily dose
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Milk thistle has been used in Herbal Medicine for more than 2, 000 years .
It contains a combination of polyphenolic molecules known collectively
as silymarin, of which the most prevalent and biologically active is
Milk thistle is used as a hepatoprotectant, protecting the liver
from chemical and environmental toxins
It is also used in Herbal
Medicine to support liver function and relieve digestive disturbances.
Research suggests that bioactives in milk thistle may act through a
variety of mechanisms, such as regulating free radical damage, cytokine
production and hepatic tissue structure
Silymarin has demonstrated
the ability to directly scavenge free-radicals, decrease lipid peroxidation
and protect glutathione from depletion .
By reducing reactive oxygen
species in the mitochondria, silymarin promotes mitochondrial function,
which may in turn help to maintain metabolic processes in the liver .3
It has also been shown to support liver function by promoting healthy
hepatic lipid metabolism
Silymarin maintains liver health and structure
by regulating NF?B activity to decrease cytokine production, while
mediating protein synthesis in hepatocytes
By stimulating the
production of bile, a digestive juice produced by the liver that is critical to
fat absorption, silymarin also helps to relieve digestive disturbances .3
Medicinal Ingredients
  • Milk thistle250 mg
Non-Medicinal Ingredients
  • Cellulose
  • Hypromellose
  • Silica
250 mg of milk thistle per capsule Milk thistle fruit standardized extract Helps support liver function Used as a hepato protectant/liver protectant Used in Herbal Medicine to help support liver function and relieve digestive disturbances Ideal for vegans Convenient vegetable capsule format