AIYA Ceremonial Matcha (30 gr)

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AIYA - Ceremonial Matcha - 30 Count - NPN: 00000000 --
• Perfect for making traditional hot tea ("Usu-cha")
• Excellent for daily drinking
• A balanced, sweet flavor for tea lovers

Perfect for daily drinking, Aiya's Ceremonial Matcha features a vibrant, jade green color and a mild, natural sweetness. The slight astringency from the tea catechins perfectly balances the sweetness from the L-theanine amino acids, making it ideal for "Usu-cha" or thin tea. One of Aiya's most popular products, Ceremonial Matcha's quality is high enough for formal Japanese tea ceremonies.

30 grams (1.05 oz)
Approximately 15 servings
Pure Matcha Green Tea Powder.