SALUS Red Beet Crystals (200 gr)

Sluggish liver functionBrain fog, difficulty with memory or focusPoor circulation or high blood pressurePain and inflammation, including arthritis and headacheAthletes and active individuals looking to improve training and performance
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Pro-oxidants are also made when the body is exposed to toxins, UV radiation, infection, and inflammation. These pro-oxidants can damage our DNA, organs, and tissues1. Basically, when the body is challenged, injured, or burdened in any way, it makes dangerous pro-oxidants that have the potential to cause long term damage and disease.
Luckily, our bodies havecompounds called antioxidants that neutralize the pro-oxidants and heal the damage they may have caused. This microscopic balancing act between damage and repairusing pro-oxidants and antioxidants is called redox balance1.

It can be challenging for the body to keep up with the demand for antioxidants because we are continually inhaling pollution, putting toxins on our skin, eating processed food, and doing hundreds of other actions that create pro-oxidants in the body.If our defences fall behind, we become vulnerable to damage from oxidative stress caused by pro-oxidants. Oxidative stress plays a role in most chronic health conditions, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and asthma2. The more antioxidants we have, the better equipped we are to win the ongoing redox battle against oxidative stress.

An antioxidant is anything that can neutralize andclean up the mess caused by pro-oxidants. These include vitamins like A, C and E, detoxifiers in the liver like glutathione, and compounds from plants like flavonoids and phenols1, 2. We get most of our antioxidants from vegetables, as well as some from fruits, spices, herbs and proteins
Medicinal Ingredients
  • Red Beets (Beta vulgaris) Red Beets (Beta vulgaris)5 g
Adults & Children 4+: Dissolve 5g (1 tablespoon) of red beet juice crystals in a glass of water or other beverage.