Should We Take a Multi?
If ever there was a topic of controversy it would be about taking a multivitamin. Just search on the internet and try to sort through all the reasons why you should take a multi, only to be followed with all the reasons you shouldn’t. Did you know that out of all supplements purchased, the multivitamin still ranks as the most purchased and there has not been any severe harm associated with taking a multivitamin that we are aware of? So why the controversy
about multis? Is hard to sort out, as some studies were done over the course of 16 weeks, which is not much time to see a marked improvement with a multivitamin. Other studies focus on a multivitamin for heart disease, which we know is not the best natural solution for heart disease. So, perhaps part of the problem may be with the expectation for what a multivitamin is intended to do. The main idea behind taking a multivitamin is to provide a daily intake of vitamins and minerals that you may not be getting in your everyday diet. We all want to ensure that our bodies have the nutrients we need, and eating that well-balanced diet is not always achievable. Multivitamins should never be studied as a means to solve a chronic disease, but rather as a way to get those much-needed vitamin Bs, Cs and minerals. If you break down the components of a multivitamin and search the benefits of each element such as B Vitamins, you will find many research documents about the benefits of B Vitamins for Stress, Heart Health, Cognitive Function etc. If you researched Vitamin C, studies would show how beneficial Vitamin C is for immune health, allergies, skin, and for the production of collagen. Take it down even farther and source out the benefits of minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium or Vitamin D for bone health. So yes, you should consider a multi if you are not already taking a green supplement, if you are not getting a balanced diet of organic foods, if you are immune compromised or prone to illness or under stress.
We Get It - A Multi is a Good Choice, but Which One?
Choosing a multi is one area of concern that we can support because some multis are not well manufactured. Ingredients are not formulated for producing the best result but rather to make a label look great. Some multis add a lot of unwanted elements such as food colour or shellac coatings. Don’t take a cheap multi for the sake of taking a multi; perhaps some of the hidden ingredients may be worse than good. Consider a Whole Food Multi, and if this category is out of your budget (whole food multis are more expensive), consider the multi product Line from Progressive Nutritionals, what it says on the label
is in the bottle. Progressive Nutritional recognizes the extenuating factors that impact your dietary needs and provide gender and age-specific multis because men and women are physiologically different, and so are their required nutrients. Progressive multis take these differences into account. Each multi contains a good mineral profile, which is essential for bones, joints and the heart muscle. They also contain B Vitamins to help fight fatigue and stress and vitamin C for immune and green food ingredients for general well being. Progressive adds herbal ingredients to support each gender’s more unique needs. Look for Progressive Women’s 50 or Men’s 50 +. They are designed to address the needs of an ageing body. Progressive Multivitamins for Active Men or Active women) are created for people on the go. Whether you exercise, work long hours, raise a family or any combination of the above, your body needs the support of an Active Multivitamin formula. Progressive Multivitamins for Adult Women and Adult Men addresses everyday nutritional needs and is ideal for those who do experience average stress, and are not always on the go. Progressive also offers Prenatal Multivitamins and chewable Multivitamins for Kids. Take your multi according to the label and if you have specific health concerns and taking minerals can exacerbate those health issues, speak to your health care provider first.
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