Seasonal Allergies – The Natural Approach
Depending on where you live in Canada, you have either started allergy season, or it is right around the corner. Anybody can come down with a seasonal allergy at any age, so just because you were not affected last year does not mean you are in the clear this year. The opposite can happen as well – your seasonal allergies may suddenly cease to exist. They actually call it “Late Onset Allergies.” So far, scientists have not
been able to determine why or when a pollen-type allergy will surface. One theory is that you have always had them, but they were so mild they were undetected. Others pointed to recent environmental changes like higher temperatures and increased CO2 levels as reasons that we may have higher amounts of pollen and other allergens in the air than ever before. An allergic reaction happens when the body comes into contact with a specific substance (in this case pollen). The body mistakes these particles as harmful invaders and begins to produce antibodies to render the invading particles harmless. This process releases a chemical called histamine. The histamine, in turn, causes inflammation, creating classic seasonal allergy symptoms like red, itchy, watery eyes and tired, flu-like symptoms.
Are there Natural Products for Allergies?
The best way to combat allergies is to remove yourself or the offending allergen, which is very difficult when the allergen is pollen. The next best option is to reduce an allergic reaction, which means you need to reduce the histamine response that is causing the symptoms. You are most likely familiar with over-the-counter-medications referred to as “Anti-Histamines.” However, as with many OTC medications, they come with a list of unwanted side effects, so we like to suggest a more natural approach. Depending on the severity of your pollen allergies, supplements such as Now Foods Butterbur can suppress your allergic reaction and help reduce the allergy-producing
histamines. It is imperative that if you are considering a Butterbur supplement that you only use PA (Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids)-free butterbur products such as Now Butterbur capsules, so that you can use the product for more extended periods without any harmful effects. Over time, the non-PA Free versions can be harmful to the liver of compromised people. If you are allergic to plants in the daisy family, you should also avoid Butterbur. You can also increase your Vitamin C supplements to 2000 mg spread throughout the day, which due to the bioflavonoids contained within, may help some mild allergy sufferers. If the increased Vitamin C is not sufficient on its own, switch to Quercetin. It is an isolated bioflavonoid from Vitamin C that produces an anti-histamine effect and there are no harmful effects to Quercetin. Now Foods has a nice formula Quercetin with Bromelain Veg Capsules that supports healthy seasonal allergies. Vitamin C and subsequently Quercetin are present in many spring and summer fruits such as bell peppers, broccoli, cantaloupe melon, cauliflower, citrus fruits, kiwifruit, strawberries, pineapple tomatoes and tomato juice. Bromelain is an enzyme found in the core and juice of the pineapple and is a popular supplement for helping to reduce inflammation, primarily of the sinus cavity. Research on Bromelain suggests that it may reduce the allergic reactions within the nasal airway through the process of reducing the inflammatory response. Increase those probiotics, because the correlation between gut health and your immune system is well documented, and an allergic reaction is also an immune response. Another approach to seasonal allergies is aromatherapy. Essential oils such as Now Eucalyptus Oil or Now Frankincense Oil , both can be useful for reducing your inflammatory response. We also suggest that you mix a bit of coconut oil and Now Tea Tree Oil and dab it inside your nostrils as it helps to stop the allergen from entering the nasal passageway. Using a saline rinse is an excellent way to get rid of any pollen that may have lodged in the nasal cavity. Cook with turmeric powder as well and take it in capsule form as often as possible, as it can help reduce the inflammatory response to the allergen.
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