Is That Beer Belly Really about Beer?
Not all beer drinkers have a beer belly, and they seem to be more prominent on men, so where did this saying come from? We could not find the specific origin of this phrase, but it seems to have gotten its start as a cute way to say, “potbelly” or “beer gut.” A protruding belly is not necessarily because of the beer and has more to do with a lifestyle of consuming too many calories from sugar and alcohol (not just beer). When your body consumes too much alcohol, which is high in sugar, your liver becomes preoccupied with
metabolizing the toxins in the alcohol and stops producing the metabolic reaction to burn fat for fuel. Fat not burned as fuel is stored. Men tend to have a protruding stomach because they contain more visceral fat, especially in this area. Women tend to have less, which is equated to allowing more room for a fetus to grow. This uniqueness does begin to shift after a woman has reached menopause. After and during menopause, fat distribution tends to relocate to a woman’s abdomen area. The most interesting fact about beer bellies is that the main plant used to produce beer is hops (flowers of the hop plant). The hop plant is known to be very high in naturally occurring phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are plant compounds that can mimic the action of the female hormone called estrogen. The increase of estrogen in the male body disrupts male hormones, causing testosterone to drop. The drop in testosterone affects metabolism, which affects fat burning and fat storage. When your beer belly has gotten hard, it is an indication that the visceral fat located in and around the organs and inside your abdomen has accumulated and is becoming more tightly packed. Over time the layers cause the abdominal wall to push out, exaggerating the appearance of your beer belly. The wall of your abdomen is made of muscle and tough fibrous tissue, which is why your belly may feel hard. This type of visceral fat can increase your risk for Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, types of cancer, problems with hormonal functions and inflammatory diseases.
Reducing Visceral Fat
It is important to note that the body cannot choose where you will lose fat. The rule of thumb is that the first place you’ll lose body fat is from the last place you put it on, but it is not an exact science. Therefore, to reduce visceral fat, you need to work on reducing total body fat. One of the first ways to help your body with fat loss is to reduce your carb and sugar intake. We are not suggesting any fad diets, but instead recommend reducing your daily beer consumption and complex carbs. Perhaps for those dates when you do know you are going to overindulge in carbs, consider a product called “Ultimate Fat and Carb Blocker.” The primary
ingredient of this supplement is white kidney bean extract, which interferes with the amylase enzyme (the enzyme responsible for breaking down complex carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, potatoes, pizza). White kidney bean extract binds to the amylase enzyme and prevents the breakdown of starch into smaller simple sugars, inhibiting the absorption. The other helpful compound in white kidney bean extract is called “phytohemagglutinin” (scientific name) which binds to the inner surface of the small intestine. This triggers the release of hormones that promote satiety and prevents the production of the hormone that causes hunger (ghrelin), causing a reduction in appetite. Alas, with everything good, there are some downsides. The action of this supplement, which is to block the absorption of carbs, leaves them in your intestines to be removed during bowel movements. Undigested carbs that are sitting in your intestines may cause gas and bloating. So, it is imperative to drink a lot of water with this supplement to help your colon pass those carbs. This supplement is not a supplement that you can take every day, all the time. Try to keep in mind this supplement interferes with carbohydrate absorption, which is not recommended for long term or even for every meal. Your body needs carbs to function, so blocking them long term can cause health risks. The action of the white kidney bean extract can also lower blood sugar levels. Another product you may want to consider is Ultimate Male Energy. It helps to balance the ratio of higher estrogen (discussed above) and lower testosterone. The imbalance of this ratio in men can cause loss of muscle mass, weight gain, reduced libido, fatigue and depression. Ultimate Male Energy can help reduce excess body fat, especially in the abdominal region and increase the body’s natural production of testosterone. If you are taking prescribed medications, check with your healthcare provider before taking the suggested supplements.
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