Teenagers & Vegan Health
Many teenagers are choosing to eat vegetarian, vegan or some variation of the two. Teenagers are choosing more vegan type foods because they tend to be more aware of world issues regarding food sourcing and the global ramifications of the overproduction of food through unnatural means (GMO, Glycosides, etc.). They also tend to be more sensitive to animal welfare and the raising of animals as food sources. There is less social pressure to eat vegan, and they have more role models that share their compassion. There is more accessibility to vegan type foods, and they are more
appealing than before. Lastly, teenagers are wiser to the health of their elders and want to live a longer healthier life, free of human-made illnesses, so they are taking steps early on to change hereditary patterns. Helping your teenager understand their food choices can help them prepare for the dietary and health needs that they may need to overcome if they are eliminating food groups from their diet.

Anytime you eliminate a food group, from a short-term diet to an eating lifestyle change, you need to research the steps required to achieve and live the transition properly. Any dietary lifestyle change can cause you to be missing out on vital nutrients. Choosing to be a vegan or vegetarian does not necessarily mean you have a balance of all your food groups. The human body requires carbohydrates because they are the primary source of fuel/energy for the central nervous system and the brain's only source of fuel. The body needs protein (which includes all the essential amino acids) to build and repair tissue muscle, skin, bone, and hair. Proteins also assist in many reactions in the body, including the production of enzymes that keep all body processes running smoothly. Your body requires fat for energy and also to help absorb nutrients, build cells and allow your blood to clot. Your body requires vitamins and minerals for just about every function of the body to keep you alive, and of course, you need water to help your body function. You can certainly reach your basic requirements if you choose a Vegan-type diet. However, you do have to work harder at achieving it. You’re not likely achieving the required amount of vitamins and minerals because not all vegan-type proteins are a complete protein, and because it’s highly likely that you are not eating organic fruits and veggies.
Align Your Vegan Choice with Whole Food Supplements
Take notice of your vegan eating patterns and make a note of the nutrients that you are may not regularly getting. Once you know what nutrients you may be lacking, you can better adapt your dietary choices to ensure you’re consuming foods that are fortified with the required nutrients or consider adding the appropriate supplements to balance out your needs. Look for brands that align with your life choices such as the Natural Factors Whole Earth & Sea Product line. The Whole Earth & Sea product line uses only raw whole foods that have been left in their original state. They are certified 100% organic, sustainable and pesticide-free. They use a gentle
processing technique to preserve the active ingredients and phytonutrients of the plants. Whole Earth & Sea Fermented Organic Greens and protein is a 100% fermented and certified organic formula providing 6 g of plant protein. It also contains fermented grasses, fruits, vegetables, and micronized medicinal mushrooms. Whole Earth & Sea Multi-Vitamins for men and women are also non-GMO. It is a complete blend of vitamins and minerals in a nutrient-rich base of organic plants, enzymes, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. Deep Ocean Minerals are sustainably extracted from deep ocean water protected by a nature reserve. Deep Ocean Minerals contains over 70 essential minerals and trace elements. Whole Earth & Sea Marine DHA (healthy fats) comes from sustainable algae. Whole Earth & Sea Vitamin D comes from wild-harvested lichen and Whole Earth & Sea Pure Food Sunflower Vitamin Econtains d-alpha-tocopherol from non-GMO sunflower seed oil. There are a number of other products in this line to help support your vegan lifestyle choices.
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