The Discovery of Celery Seed
Truthfully, I understand the range of health benefits for Celery Seed supplements, but I never took the time to understand where it all began and why a spice we use for pickling and seasoning made its way into a natural health product. First, the spice and supplement forms of Celery seed do not come from those stalks of celery you find in the vegetable aisle. Celery seed is grown from an ancestor type plant called “smallage” or “wild celery.” The seeds of this plant are so small
it takes up to 760,000 little seeds to make one pound of celery seed. The “Smallage” plant is in the family of parsley, dill, coriander and fennel. The use of the “seed type’ version has a long history of use dating back to the Roman Empire, when the seeds were chewed or ground to treat bloating, water retention and digestive disorders. It has an equally long use in Ayurvedic medicine for gastrointestinal disorders. As a spice, it is used in pickling because it naturally helps to preserve food due to its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It is these same properties that provide a benefit to gut health and protection against the H Pylori virus and other harmful bacteria when used in a supplement form. However, the most popular uses for Celery seed in a supplement form resides in its effective diuretic abilities. Celery Seed Extract helps the body release excess fluid from the body and reduce water retention and through the process of elimination, helps remove toxins from the kidneys. This is often one of the reasons that a tea made from the celery seed is suggested to those that have a urinary tract infection. The diuretic effect of Celery Seed may also help alleviate some of the symptoms of PMS that are associated with bloating and water retention that occurs during menstruation. It also may help with symptoms of Gout by flushing through the uric acid that causes a Gout condition as well as helping to reduce the body’s inflammatory response.
Celery Seed Extract Also Supports High Blood Pressure
Celery Seed extract, such as Natural Factors Celery Seed is sold as stand-alone supplements and regularly recommended as part of a natural health solution for High Blood Pressure. One of the possible links to high blood pressure is the body’s inability to excrete salt effectively which causes fluid build up in the blood vessels. Celery Seed Extract’s diuretic effects may help speed up the excretion of salt providing antihypertensive properties. It can be a safer alternative to a prescribed diuretic because it does not alter the ratio of sodium to potassium that medications do, but still performs the required actions required by diuretics in reducing water buildup in cells, muscle, vessels etc. When looking for Celery Seed Supplements, check to ensure the raw material has been standardized to contain 85% of
3-n-butylphthalide (3nB), the compound responsible for celery’s powerful healing properties. Natural Factors Celery Seed is an excellent choice for this reason as well as its 3rd party testing (Isura Testing), which ensures purity and quality in all raw materials used. Although we have not tried this yet, applying a combination of Celery Seed essential oil with lemon and eucalyptus oil may be an effective natural bug repellent. Due to the anti-diuretic nature of this supplement, it cannot be taken in combination with a prescribed direction. It also may increase the level of lithium in the blood and decrease the effectiveness of Levothyroxine, a thyroid medication.
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