Vitamin D is also a good choice for Adults
The benefits and the evidence supporting the use of vitamin D supplements in adults for depression, bone health, heart health, thyroid, immune, MS, etc., is certainly impressive and warrants considering a vitamin D supplement. But there are many vitamin D options to choose from, and what if you are a vegan, isn’t vitamin D sourced from animals?  Let’s start with some
science to sort out the different forms of vitamin D.  Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) are the two forms most often found in supplement form. Vitamin D2 is produced by yeast and/or fungal sources that are irradiated, whereas vitamin D3 is made from either sheep’s wool or fish oil. D3 is also the form of vitamin D that is produced by the body through the skin when exposed to UV rays. D3 is more biologically active and is the preferred choice because your body naturally produces a specific enzyme in the liver that helps to metabolize vitamin D3. With vitamin D2, the absorption and process of metabolizing takes longer and is not as efficient. Vitamin D3 is also easier to obtain through your diet and it is found in fortified milk, fatty fish, fish liver oil, and egg yolks. Vitamin D3 is said to be more important for your health and wellbeing as our body absorbs and uses vitamin D3 better, and it is more effective at treating diseases. It is also vitamin D3, not D2, that maintains levels of vitamin D in our bodies even over winter months. But what if you are a vegan, vegetarian, or do not like the source materials in vitamin D supplements? We suggest you consider a Vegan Choice Vitamin D3.
Vitamin D3 Now 100% Plant Based
There is certainly enough research to determine that vitamin D3 is the far superior choice in supplements but if you are a vegan, D3 has never been a viable option because it is sourced from animals, forcing vegans to reach for the less bioavailable source (D2) which is not as efficient. The great news for vegetarians is that there are now vitamin D3 supplements that not only have the same bioavailability as D3, they are also 100% plant based.  Whole Earth & Sea Pure Food Vegan Bioenhanced Vitamin D3 is sourced from a unique species of wild-harvested lichen.  You may recognize these “lichen” plants as they adorn trees and rocks in damp, cool
forests.  Lichens are small, algae-like plants which naturally accumulate D3 and other nutrients as they grow. The D3 is extracted from the lichens as the growth source is harvested, refined, and then purity tested for potency and identity, then processed into supplement forms.  You will most likely begin to see supplements using the plant-based lichen as their D3 source but keep in mind that lichen should be wild-harvested and extracted in a sustainable manner, and carefully processed to ensure optimum purity and stability. If your vegan D3 sourced from lichen is cheap, be wary of what raw materials they are using.  Ask for more detailed information.
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