Turkey Tail Mushrooms-The Ultimate in Immune
Turkey Tail Mushrooms are not even remotely associated with the actual turkey. Turkey Tail is a species of mushrooms, and most likely one you have seen if you spend any time in the woods. It’s called Turkey Tail (Trametes Versicolor formerly Coriolus Versicol) because this mushroom resembles the colorful feathe rs of a wild turkey. Turkey Tail mushrooms have been brewed for thousands of years as medicinal teas
and are rapidly becoming the centre of attention in both natural health and traditional medicine in supplement form. In fact, we suspect that as evidence grows on the amazing benefits of Turkey Tail mushrooms as a cancer prevention tonic, the medicinal world may start to clamp down its availability to the everyday user. Here is what can be said about Turkey Tail. Paul Stamets, director of research and founder of Fungi Perfecti, said that one theory holds that the mushroom improves the ability of the immune system’s natural killer cells to attack cancer cells. Studies have examined the effects of mushrooms on immune response pathways and on direct antitumor mechanisms. What does all this mean? The constituents found in the Turkey Tail mushrooms are loaded with enzymes, antimicrobial agents and antiviral compounds that help to neutralize toxins in your immune system. They provide anti-inflammatory properties and are becoming more widely studied for cancer-related diseases due to their ability to restrict the blood vessel growth feeding tumors (anti-angiogenesis), which causes the cancer cells to die off (apoptosis) and restricts the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Turkey Tail also improves the ability of the immune system’s natural killer cells to attack cancer cells. There is growing support for the use of Turkey Tail during conventional treatments for cancer to help lessen the negative side effects of chemo and radiation, (when used along with treatment). It also shows great promise for the HPV virus and Hepatitis.
Host Defense Turkey Tail - The Studied Supplement
We strongly suggest that if you are considering a Turkey Tail supplement for any serious illness that you use a product that is being included in the studies, has a strong reputation for quality and efficacy, and has been backed with scientific valid studies. Look for Host Defense Turkey Tail capsules. Turkey Tail supplements are not cheap and if they are, be wary. You should know where the mushrooms were grown, who grew them and how they were processed. Mushrooms grown in some areas may have accumulated heavy metals from air and soil pollution, which will have the opposite health affects that this mushroom should possess. There have been no reports of any negative side effects of mushrooms, although some have reported
problems with bowels, such as diarrhea and darkened stools, as well as darkened nail pigmentation. If you notice any negative effects or discomfort while consuming Turkey Tail mushroom, discontinue use. If you are considering this supplement for serious illnesses such as cancer, discuss with your health care provider.
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