Are You Prepared for Cold & Flu Season?
It’s that time, sniffles, and sneezes, new flu strains and the good old fashion colds that no matter how hard you try to avoid them they seem find their way to your immune system. Colds and Influenza (the flu) are often hard to tell apart. They are both caused by a virus and both are considered respiratory illnesses. Both are contagious but where they begin to differ is that cold symptoms tend to be a bit more milder and tend not to cause stomach or bowel disturbances like the flu can. The flu is also the illness that tends to lead to other complications such as pneumonia, bronchitis, and sinus or ear infections can develop.They are both contagious spread through air,
personal contact, and respiratory secretions (handshakes, touching contaminated objects (think all those office germs), coughs and sneezes. Your body does not seem to build up antibodies against the cold so you can catch a cold over and over again. Whereas with the virus once you have caught a particular strain of a flu virus your body develops an antibody against that virus. The problem is that the flu viruses are very smart and once you build up a resistance to one type of flu it changes it’s structure so that it can find another way to attack to your immune system again Your body does not recognize the changes and has not build up antibodies to fight the new flu strain so you are very likely to get sick against but with a different strain.
Get Healthy Immune Supplements
What is well documented is that viruses (cold or flu) do not respond to antibiotics so you are often left with dealing with the symptoms and there are mixed reviews with the flu shot (did they predict the new strain in time? Getting the flu shot is a personal decision. The best defence against both the cold and flu is without a doubt prevention. Protecting your immune system during the cold and flu season can often make the difference on not catching the viruses and lessening their severity when you do get them. Mushroom blends such as host defence My Community is a really nice immune modulator. It does not increase white blood cells (fighter cells) but rather balances the immune
system, it is also one of the few immune supplements that those with auto immune disease can take.
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