What Causes Sugar Cravings?
Sugar cravings can happen at any time. You find yourself digging to the back of your drawer for something sweet, raid the cupboards, or happen to travel with a large purse cramped with an assortment of goodies. What is really behind these sugar cravings? You may not be eating enough calories. Cravings can arise due to side affects from the sugars and complex carbs that break down into sugar, which can be an addictive habit that has actually reprogrammed your brain. Certain neurochemicals in the brain (such as dopamine), can cause
addiction to sugar, which gets released when you experience some sort of happiness or euphoria. As a result of this hormone response, your brain will habitually desire sugar to recreate that same feeling of happiness. Certain foods or lack of foods in your diet can also trigger a sweet tooth response such as low protein, good fats and low fibre intake which when consumed with that complex carb or sweet food, can help to slow the release of sugar into your bloodstream. Think back to the times that you had a donut or high carb sweet and then found yourself hungry not to long after. The complex carbs have broken down, released their sugars into your blood stream quickly only to raise your blood sugar, and then have it crash again shortly after. Your internal clock plays a significant role in managing the hormones ghrelin and leptin, which promote and suppress food intake. Chronic abnormal sleep or sleep deprivation can affect these hormones which in term can lead to cravings. Chronic stress can negatively increase your cortisol levels which in turn can alter the levels of glucose and insulin circulating in your blood, both of which can affect your desire to reach for sugar or carbs. Sugar consumption increases serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, appetite, memory, and social behaviour. Because sugar boosts serotonin, you feel happier, temporarily, so your brain craves this happy chemical again and again. There may also be medical reasons your body may be craving those sweets such as an underactive thyroid problem, yeast infections (which feed on sugar), or your adrenals are overworked, pumping out extra cortisol which requires more sugar to produce more energy.
How to Stop Sugar Cravings Gymnema Sylvestre Supplements
Putting a stop to sugar cravings can be a challenge in the beginning. Initially, you may notice that your cravings are in a vicious cycle that only causes you to crave sugar more often. However, there are some things you can do to set your body up for success. Generally speaking, making a modification to your diet is necessary to succeed which means more fibre, lean protein and good fats whenever you are eating sugary sweets or complex carbs. We also like the supplement from Now Foods called Gymnema Sylvestre. There is some really exciting research related to how it can improve sugar metabolism and that it has the ability to temporarily suppress the taste of sugar on the tongue, thus making food temporarily taste less sweet.
Gymnema extracts help control sugar cravings and, in the process, improve diabetes through a few different actions. It slows the absorption of glucose in the gut, stimulates the release of insulin from the pancreas while helping regenerate the cells that are damaged by diabetes, and helps boost the correct use and storage of glucose in the body. It is considered safe for use but is not advised for children or pregnant women or if you are taking medications for blood sugar and diabetes. It should be taken with food to ensure no stomach upset. If you are looking for a good weight loss solution, consider taking it in combination with Now Foods Garcinia Cambogia. Consider cutting out artificial sweetener’s as studies have shown that the use of artificial sweeteners in foods and beverages can lead to weight gain, as well as strengthen and encourage sugar dependence and cravings.
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