CBD Should be a Natural Health Product
Marijuana (Cannabis) has been legal since late 2018, and since this time there have been several legalization growing pains and missteps. One of the biggest missteps is failing to remove CBD from the Cannabis act and adding it into regulation for a Natural Health Product. The most significant confusion may be due to the use of the Cannabis plant as the source for CBD. Yes, Marijuana and CBD are both constituents from the same plant, "Cannabis," however, different species of Cannabis and various parts of the plant provide different medicinal benefits. Marijuana (let's refer to as THC), has specific
psychoactive properties, whereas CBD is considered non-psychoactive, non-toxic and non-addictive. Both THC and CBD are naturally found in all cannabis plants; their chemical structure is very close to the same, so they can both positively interact with your body's cannabinoid receptors. But the concentration of the active THC (which should be legalized) may vary greatly depending on the specific plant in question. There are three different types of Cannabis plants and CBD can be extracted from all of them. Here is the difference: Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica both have a higher concentration of THC (naturally occurring or altered in growing) and are more recognized as the "True Cannabis plant." "Cannabis Ruderalis" is more widely known as "Industrial Hemp," containing the least amount of THC (under 0.03% THC), which is negligible and produces no effect. Industrialized Hemp is where most of the Hemp products you use today come from, such as Hemp Seed, Hemp Oil, Hemp Flour, Hemp Protein and even Hemp Clothing. The research is still emerging in terms of which form produces the most beneficial health effects – THC or CBD. Early evidence seems to say that both types provide health benefits for regulating and harmonizing immune function, appetite, arthritis, pain, sleep, mood, depression, epilepsy, and other neurological disorders. With the main difference being the psychoactive effects. CBD will not make you high, it will not make you drowsy, and it does not affect your day-to-day ability to function.
Why Isn't CBD a Natural Health Product?
As with many new and evolving industries, there is often a gap of understanding with early regulatory of the product. CBD is a natural health product that is stuck in the middle of regulations for Cannabis in the form of THC. Presently, although changes are underway, CBD is regulated in the same manner as THC, which is under the Cannabis Act instead of being regulated under the Industrial Hemp Act as a natural health product. When you are talking about CBD in terms
of the plant "Cannabis," there is an immediate response that it should have the same designation as THC. They come from the same plant so they must have the same effect on the body. This is more reactive thinking to a very new industry. In Herbal Medicine, different parts of many plants provide various medicinal benefits on the body. The regulatory lines are shifting towards categorizing CBD as a Natural Health Product, and the Canadian Health And Food Association has been lobbying and advocating for change on CBD products, but a few things need to be in place first. The Government of Canada needs to review the documented evidence that CBD is safe to consume as an "over-the-counter product," which means that a consumer can take the product without the need for a prescription or the intervention of medical authority. In other words, the consumer can read the label, understand how to use the product all by themselves. CBD products would also have to undergo strict guidelines and testing and must fulfill the criteria to become a natural health product such as evidence about its effectiveness, safety, quality, and reasons for usage. If CBD then became approved as a Natural Health Product in Canada, it would have to be monitored for adverse reactions. In other words, the same criteria that all natural products in Canada presently must adhere to. None of these requirements are outside of the norm for a Natural Health Product in Canada today, and CBD can easily fit into the category of a natural health product. The Canadian government is aware of the growing demand for CBD products and organizations such as the Canadian Health And Food Association are pushing to move CBD through the regulatory requirements with the understanding that the medicinal, therapeutic, and nutritional benefits of CBD can enrich the lives of Canadians. To this day, numerous health shops, health food stores, and independent health and wellness clinics sell various CBD products as dietary supplements. Unfortunately for the sellers, this is technically illegal.
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