L-Theanine – Nature’s Zen Supplement
We recently discussed L-Theanine as part of a program for sleep, but this supplement is so impressive it warrants a more in-depth look. Many supplements help with stress and anxiety, each of them having their own unique properties. L-Theanine is a supplement that helps and here’s how. First, let’s talk about science. L- Theanine can cross the blood-brain barrier and positively affect the brain directly. When we refer to the “blood-brain barrier,” we are referring to a
dense concentration of cells that restrict the passage of some substances from the blood to the brain. When an element or nutrient can pass the ‘blood-brain barrier,” it means that it does not have to go through all the normal processes within your body to get to the brain. Rather than stimulating the brain, it produces a calming and relaxing effect. L-Theanine also increases serotonin (the transmitter responsible for feelings of happiness) and dopamine levels (responsible for cognitive function, creation, and motivation). L-Theanine helps to increase relaxation and calmness without any of the sedative, sleepy effects. We like to say it “quiets the mind.” It is often found in sleep products because active minds are often a problem for sleep. When taken during the day, it can help reduce anxiety and nervousness.
L-Theanine Benefits Beyond Anxiety and Sleep
L-Theanine produces a Zen in a bottle effect, but its benefits go beyond anxiety and nervousness. With L-Theanine working to quiet the mind, it is highly recommended for studying students. It helps clear the mind and provides a more focused approach to memorization and learning. It also reduces the initial stress response in students if taken before exams. L-Theanine is also starting to show promise in reducing cognitive decline by protecting the brain. It is being studied for its benefits for autism, ADHD and even withdrawal from addiction. L-Theanine can lower blood pressure by positively affecting nitric oxide production. However, be cautious if you take medication for blood pressure, as your blood pressure
might go too low. It can also lower the effectiveness of stimulant medications. L-Theanine can even reduce the adverse effects of coffee (over-stimulation). You might think this strange, as it is derived from green tea, which contains caffeine. However, L-Theanine works well to maintain the alertness and cognitive effect of a coffee stimulate but reduces the jitters. We do not recommend drinking copious amounts of green tea in the attempt to get the L-Theanine effect, as green tea contains caffeine. There are a few different brands of L-Theanine we would recommend. Mental Calmness from Natural Factors is a good option for seniors and children, and excellent for those looking to take the edge off during the day. Sisu Stress Rescue has a higher dose of L-Theanine in a capsule form, which we recommend for evening and before bed. If you are taking other medications for stress, anxiety and depression or blood pressure, consult your healthcare provider before using this product.
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