Bone Broth Should Not Be A Passing Trend
The are many fads and supplements that enter the market with a flurry due to the impact of social media, headlines and word of mouth. In some cases, the trend should remain a fad.; in other cases, the fad has staying power. Bone Broth is one such supplement. According to recipes handed down to us from our great grandparents, bone broth was
rationally simmered for many hours to allow the nourishing benefits of the bones (hormone free, chemical free bones) to transfer to the liquid. The liquid was either made into a nutritious soup or left as a golden tonic of nutrients to be sipped when you were feeling ill, for stomach upset and to keep your immune system healthy. What our ancestors may not have known at the time, is that the bone broth tonic they were feeding us held more secrets to health than improving digestion and immune function. Bone broth contains glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). The primary role of “GAGs” is to maintain and support collagen, elastin and the fluid that helps to lubricate joints. It is also rich in “Bone Marrow,” which plays a role in making cells. Some of these cells are responsible for the creation of cartilage, bone, fat, muscle, lymph, and blood tissue. Bone Marrow also plays a significant role in immune function
Bone Broth is Nutrient Dense
Cooking bone broth breaks down the collagen proteins into gelatin, which provides the amino acids the body uses to make connective tissue. This tissue functions by strengthening the tendons that connect muscle to bone and ligaments that connect bone to bone. Collagen also supports the skin’s elasticity and builds a barrier to prevent the absorption of possible pathogens and toxins. The cornea and eyes are supported by collagen. It also gives strength to our arteries, capillaries, and organs, while keeping them supple. As we age, collagen production decreases, making it even more necessary to consume bone broth regularly. Bone Broth is rich in amino acids such as proline and
glycine, which are great for boosting your immune system, improving digestion, maintaining a balanced nervous system, and also muscle repair and growth. Bone broth is also rich in several vital minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The process of making bone broth is time-consuming, which is why bone broth supplements have become a more affordable and sustainable option for consuming it regularly. Prairie Naturals Organic Chicken or Beef Bone Broth is made from the bones and connective tissue of organic, grass-fed and grass-finished cattle and free-range chickens, making it 100% pasture-raised and free of antibiotics and hormones. It is easy to use. Just add one scoop (15g) to 200-250 ml warm/hot water, soup or other hot beverage; add to 200-250 mL cold water, juice or smoothie and flavour as desired; blend into sauces, gravy or other dishes for a protein boost.
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