Why Should You Support Your Kidneys?
Supporting our organs is important, yet we tend to take their day-to-day function for granted. The organ always worked, and unless it is broken or not functioning, why fix it right? This philosophy may work for some organs but taking a more proactive approach is often a better path to follow. Take your kidney health as an example. Your kidneys have five main jobs and several side jobs. They act like a filter, whereby blood that has travelled around your body makes a stop in your kidneys. They then filter the blood, removing all the wastes, toxins
Todaand unrequired substances. Your kidneys then drop off waste to your bladder as urine and reabsorb the blood back through your body. They filter about 200 quarts every 24 hours, about two quarts is urine waste, and the other 198 are recovered for reuse. Kidneys also control blood pressure. As they are working through the filtration process, they either ask the body to increase or decrease the pressure required to carry out the function. They do this by controlling the hormone that causes blood vessels to open or constrict. Your kidneys also produce a specific hormone that tells your bone marrow to make red blood cells. Kidneys keep your bones healthy by creating an active form of Vitamin D, which is required to absorb calcium and phosphorus, two critical minerals needed for bone health. This last one you may know. Your kidneys control your PH levels. As your cells break down, they make acid, even the foods you eat can increase acid levels. Your kidneys remove or add the right amount of acid-buffering agents, such as salt and potassium, to keep things in balance. And those are just its big jobs.
Give Your Kidneys A Break
Supporting your kidneys is always a good idea, not only to prevent kidney disease, but also to prevent smaller ailments, such as kidney infection and kidney stones. If you consume adequate amounts of water (8-10) 8-oz glasses a day and eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables, your kidneys can self clean themselves. Also, foods such as freshly squeezed lemon juice, dandelion tea, parsley, turmeric, watermelon, cranberry juice, beet juice, grapes, blueberries and asparagus help to naturally cleanse the kidneys. But what if you are not
the best at eating these regularly or drinking enough water? While there is no scientific evidence to prove a kidney cleanse will work, there is some research on specific herbs that help the kidney’s filtration and detoxifying process. We don’t’ recommend the extreme kidney cleanse choices an internet search tends to yield, but we do suggest that once or twice a year you consider a product from Renew Life called “Renew Life Total Kidney Cleanse.” It is an easy and non-disruptive 30-day cleansing program that helps to cleanse, sterilize and re-alkalize the urinary system. The herbs contained within the program have antibacterial properties to help remove harmful bacteria from the urinary tract as well as reduce internal inflammation. Some of the herbs are diuretics that help promote secretions of the urinary system to increase toxin elimination, and there are also supporting herbs to reduce and suppress the formation of kidney stones.

Your kidneys are a major organ, so any cleansing or supplement that has an impact on how they function must be carefully considered. You should not use this cleanse or any cleanse if you presently have kidney stones, heart disease, high or low blood pressure, kidney, gallbladder, liver disorder, edema, or have a bowel obstruction. You also cannot combine the herbs in this cleanse with any other diuretic, corticosteroids or licorice root.
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