Supplement Shopping for your Kids?
A large percentage of our customers take a multivitamin and even fish oil as part of their daily routine. When we ask them about their children and what natural supplements they are using, there is often hesitation followed by concern. Why the apprehension with giving our children supplements? Part of the blame may be a result of the mixed information that the internet provides; one site may advocate for children supplements, while another may deter
you. If your child is eating a well-balanced diet of organic fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, lower sugar and a reduced amount of processed foods, they may need few if any nutritional supplements. But even our best-laid intentions do not always work out the way we hope, especially in the food department. Kids can be picky eaters and getting them to eat the well-balanced food you put in front of them does not always happen. Hectic work and lifestyle schedules often do not permit families to prepare meals that are nutritionally balanced, and the cost of food has increased, often making consuming organic foods, fresh ocean raised fish, etc., not always achievable. Recent findings show that the diets of Canadian children do not contain adequate amounts of most vitamins and minerals, fibres, and good fats. Supplementing their food intake with a good multivitamin and fish oils is a great way to ensure that they are getting the building blocks they need for their growing bodies and minds.
What Supplements Do Your Children Need?
If you are considering supplementing your child’s diet, pending their age, some natural health products can be shared with the whole family, such as green food supplements, and even some protein powders. However, we do not recommend sharing your supplements with your child, as their specific needs and dosages can be different than your needs as an adult. Vitamin D supplements for children of all ages play a significant role in the healthy development of bones and
teeth, strengthening the immune system and reducing the risks of childhood diabetes. Sisu U, Sisu U-Cubes Calcium & D3 is a good option for not only vitamin D but the added calcium, which is also essential for healthy bones and teeth, especially during the rapid physical growth and development of childhood. A multivitamin with or without iron (pending their needs) is an excellent way to ensure that they are getting their necessary vitamin and mineral needs. Depending on your child’s age, you have options such as Sisu U-Cubes™ Multi-Vitamin Gummies, Sisu Mini Vits or Sisu Teen Multi’s. Adequate levels of Vitamin C can help to boost your child’s immunity, especially once they reach “school age” There are many options for Vitamin C, such as Sisu U-Cubes Vitamin C Gummies, Ester C Ester-C Kid Stiks® and a whole range flavours found in the line of Ester C Kids Chewable line. Another beneficial supplement for children is Omega 3, especially brain building DHA. Omega 3 can help improve focus, concentration, mental acuity, assist with development and support healthy skin and immune system. Look for Omega 3 supplements in liquids, gummies or chewables. Read all the ingredients on your child’s supplement to ensure there are no hidden ingredients. Some supplements are laden with sugars and fillers. While they may taste delicious, they provide little to no benefit. Follow the directions for use and keep out of the reach of children. Choosing the right supplements for your child is just as important as deciding to give them supplements.
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