Reconnect with Trace Minerals
There are times when natural health supplements that were once popular find their way back into the limelight either through increased research, increased need for dietary changes, or improved methods for extraction and delivery. One such product is Trace Minerals. You are most likely familiar with calcium, magnesium, and potassium because your body needs them in higher amounts for many
reasons, but there are a number of other minerals that your body requires in smaller quantities and that are equally important to good health, these are known as Trace Minerals ( you need them in trace amounts). You may remember having to learn the Periodic Table and its list of elements? That table included trace and ionic minerals that are necessary for life to exist. There are over seventy known trace minerals, thirteen of which are essential for your bones, while other trace minerals are required for the functions of enzymes, regulating the thyroid, glucose metabolism, blood clotting, tissue formation, detoxification, the transportation of oxygen in red blood cells, and much more. A deficiency in trace minerals (even one) can result in an imbalance of other minerals, making you more vulnerable to illness. Without them, muscles would struggle to contract, the synapses of your brain would not fire correctly, and your muscles would not be able to move or even flex. We never really thought about the need to replenish these minerals because they are needed in smaller amounts and were most often found in the soil where most of the food supply starts. However, the soils are not as rich in minerals as they once were due to overfarming, chemical additives etc., forcing us to supplement even our minerals sources now.
The Best Source of Trace Minerals?
Minerals are found in soil, when not depleted. They are also found in rock and other inorganic substances. However, when you are looking for the most natural way to replenish minerals, including trace minerals, sourcing out products that can bring you as close to nature as possible can be a struggle. We did some research with a few different brands and are excited about Natural Factors Whole Earth & Sea Deep Ocean Minerals. Whole Earth & Sea Deep Ocean Minerals are 100% natural and sustainable and harvested from deep ocean water using a patented process with added fresh kelp for increased iodine
benefits (right from British Columbia). It contains over 70 essential minerals and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, boron, and iodine. You may want to consider taking Trace Mineral supplements if you are not consuming organically farmed produce, you have gastrointestinal disorders causing malabsorption of vitamins and minerals, after pregnancy to replenish lost minerals, slow metabolism, weakened immune systems, vegetarian diets, strenuous exercise, chronic fatigue, brain fog, muscle cramping, tingling in the extremities or irregular heartbeat. Before taking a mineral supplement, discuss your medications and possible interactions with your health care provider.
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