What Do Bamboo & Silica Have in Common?
You may have given or received a bamboo as a floral arrangement. It represents good luck and good fortune in some cultures, but Bamboo Silica has far-reaching benefits besides its ornamental appeal. They are beautiful, tall and fast-growing plants, with many different species, each providing different uses and benefits. Bamboo can be used for
clothing, flooring, ladders, mats, baskets and handicrafts. The shoots are also used for making furniture, boats, rafts, fishing pools, etc. It is also an essential food for the giant pandas in China because they survive only on bamboo. The roots, leaves, sprouts and grains are used in Ayurveda medicines for various diseases; even the seeds provide nutritional value. The lesser known fact of bamboo is that you can use the young shoots as food. They are not only tasty but rich in nutrients, considered a vegetable in some cultures and starting to emerge as a delicacy in markets today. How does Bamboo produce silica? The leaves of the bamboo plants are often left to waste. Bamboo leaves have a very high content of silica, which is processed out through the drying and heating process. Let’s circle back, we now know that Bamboo is a rich and organic source of silica, (plant-based) way to consume silica. The other sources of silica are derived from the horsetail plant (also a good option) or extracted and processed from sand and quartz (for human consumption). However, why would you want to consider Bamboo silica for health?
Why Consider Bamboo Silica for Health?
Silica functions both internally and externally. It is a required trace mineral that your bones need for strength and density. It also plays a role in collagen production, and we know collagen is necessary for hair, skin, nails, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. It is an essential mineral in the matrix of connective tissue. As you age, levels of silicon decline, showing signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, reduced muscle tone, bone loss, stiff joints, hair loss and even weakened gums. Silica influences the absorption of minerals required by the body. The role of silica to skin is due to the nature of silica properties that help with collagen production.
Collagen supports the skin’s elasticity and strengthens hair and nails. If you are taking supplements such as chondroitin sulphate or hyaluronic acid for joint repair, consider adding silica as part of your joint recovery program. It can help these two substances be deposited into cartilage, and aids in forming collagen, a major component of ligaments and tendons that help to maintain joint strength and elasticity. An excellent choice for Bamboo Silica is Enerex Bamboo Silica extract. It is prepared from Tabashir bamboo stems from India (Bambusa vulgaris). To increase the effectiveness of Bamboo Silica, Enerex adds 200 mg of Calcium citrate to the formula. There are not many Bamboo supplements on the market today; they tend to be more expensive than typically mineral-derived sources, but indeed have shown to be far superior for absorption and utilization by the body.
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