Men Now Take A Preventative Approach To Their Health
Men are starting to investigate and trust that natural health supplements can provide them with a preventative approach to wellness. In the past, men were taught to be more reactive to health and wellness rather than taking a proactive approach to reduce medical concerns as they age. The shift, in part, may be due to men retiring later in life. Men now want to feel healthy and more energetic in order to work longer. There are also more public awareness campaigns and free flowing information about health risks for men, especially
around prostate health, colon cancer, BPH, testicular cancer, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Mental health awareness and sleep and stress disorders are also more recognized and accepted, allowing men to have the freedom to talk about their mental health and to take preventative measures to handle the stress. There are several supplements that are effective for both men and women, but there are also natural products that are more widely researched for their benefits to men’s health such as Stinging Nettle, Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Pygeum and Lycopene.
Men’s Supplements Easily Explained
Lycopene is most often associated with that bright red pigment found in tomatoes, but it is also found in watermelons, papaya and pink grapefruit. Lycopene is often found in the ingredient profile for prostate supplements, mostly because its antioxidant action may prevent or slow down the progression of prostate cancer. Lycopene has been studied for 23 years to help support this finding, and recent studies continue to support the intake of lycopene 9-21 mg per day to help prevent prostate cancer. Now Foods Lycopene contains 20mg per capsule. Lycopene may interact with certain medications including blood thinners and BP medications.

Saw Palmetto is another very popular herb that naturally treats symptoms associated with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is not cancer and having BPH does not mean that cancer is in your future. BPH is an enlargement of the prostate that is very common in men as they age. Saw Palmetto’s primary action is to help shrink the inner lining of the prostate that puts pressure on the urethra, causing discomfort and other symptoms such as frequent urination, problems starting or maintaining urination and the need to get up in the night to urinate. There is spotty evidence that Saw Palmetto may help with male pattern baldness, but only if caused by too much dihydrotestosterone. Saw Palmetto should not be taken if you are on any blood thinning medications. A few studies found that a combination of Saw Palmetto and pumpkin seed oil could improve symptoms of BPH.

Nettle Root is a popular herbal remedy used for many ailments from inflammation, cholesterol and allergies but for men, in particular, Stinging Nettle provides support for prostate and lower urinary tract problems. Stinging Nettle possesses compounds that may inhibit the enzyme that converts testosterone into the potent androgen which may, in fact, cause the enlargement. It also may help symptoms of BPH such as frequent urination, weak stream, etc.

Pygeum Bark is another herbal supplement often recommended for men that provides several benefits for the prostate such as anti-inflammation, as well as prevent the overgrowth of prostate cells that can contribute to BPH.

If you are looking for these supplements look for the Now Foods Brand. It offers each of the products mentioned above for men such as Now Stinging Nettle RootsNow Saw Palmetto ExtractNow Pumpkin Seed Oil. If you are looking for a combination product, Now Foods Brand also has Now Pygeum & Saw Palmetto and Now Prostate Formula that contains all the herbals products in one supplement.
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