Estrogen & The Candida Connection
Did you know that women are 70% more likely to have Candida overgrowth than men? While the statistic is high, it makes sense when you consider that candida fungal spores like to feed on estrogens, and women produce more estrogenic than men. This may also explain why flareups tend to occur around a woman’s cycle. Men are not immune to Candida; in fact, men that have lower progesterone levels may be
more estrogen dominant and subsequently more likely to have Candida. The Candida fungus is not entirely foreign to our bodies. It tends to reside in small amounts in the mouth, gut and skin, and for the most part, your body’s natural immune cells destroy the fungus before any problems arise. However, when the environment for these spores is ideal, they multiply and grow out of control, causing Candida infections, oral thrush and skin rashes. The present condition of your intestinal tract is the first place that Candida spores find a home. If your gut does not have enough good bacteria to destroy the Candida fungus, eventually the spores will irritate the lining of the intestinal wall, burrowing small holes in the lining where the spores then travel throughout the body. A weakened immune system is another way your body may be providing a breeding ground for the spores to multiply. (70% of your immune system resides in your gut). Your diet may also contribute to the growth of Candida, because this fungus loves sugar, almost as much as it loves estrogen. Other contributing factors are the use of antibiotics and birth control pills, which disrupt the intestinal microbiome. Besides the visible signs of a yeast infection, symptoms of Candida overgrowth can be overlooked because not everyone that has a Candida overgrowth will have a yeast infection. If you can check off a large percentage of these symptoms, you may want to consider a natural protocol to help your body rid itself of the growing fungal spores. Watch for lack of energy, even though you are sleeping well, inability to think clearly, mood swings, adrenal fatigue, onset of food allergies, chronic sinus and allergy issues, sugar cravings, cravings for carbs (pasta, breads), poor skin conditions, nail fungal infections, bad breath, white coating on tongue, gas & bloating, acid reflux and vaginal discharge or odour.
Be Proactive with Candida
Candida overgrowth can be stubborn to get rid of. Get ahead of the situation. Review the symptoms, and if you are checking off a lot of those boxes consider this natural protocol. First, control the environment where the fungus lives, which means examine your sugar and complex carbs intake. The next step is to rid your body of spores. One of the best Candida cleansing programs is Renew Life Candida Cleanse called CandiGone. It is a 15-day antifungal and antibacterial program to help remove the Candida yeast overgrowth. The combination of
herbs creates an unfavourable environment for the Candida to thrive, as well as inhibiting the growth of new fungal spores. Eliminate Candida waste with Renew Life FibreSMART. One of the best ways to fight Candida is to keep things moving! If the colon is not removing wastes regularly, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for intestinal pathogens like Candida. FibreSmart is a blend of fibres, prebiotics and herbs that help to gather up and move out the dead Candida organisms that your Candida cleanse has helped destroy. Re-establish good bacteria with probiotics such as Renew life 30 Billion Shelf stable probiotic. It helps to alter the conditions that resulted in the overgrowth. Lastly, starve Candida with Renew Life CandiZYME, which is a scientifically-formulated multi-enzyme product that helps to destroy Candida cell walls, while breaking down the sugar and carbohydrates that Candida uses as nourishment. Candida elimination should also be supported by eliminating foods such as sugars, wheat and yeast. Instead, increase your fresh fruits and veggies, especially green veggie juices, fermented foods, wild harvested fish and hormone free chicken, turkey and meats. It is also important to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.
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