There is a difference Between Stress and Anxiety
The Term “Stress” has become the amassed phrase for anything that feels like stress. You are stressed about that meeting, the start of your day or stressed about that exam, a doctor’s appointment or because rent is due. Each of these external situations can cause stressful moments, but your feelings may be something other than stress, such as feeling anxious or nervous? There are certainly times when stress and anxiety overlap, but rather than use
them interchangeably let’s look at how each one manifests itself. Think of stress as your body’s reaction to an external trigger, whereas anxiety can be a sustained internal mental health issue. Other notable differences that may help you distinquish between anxiety and stress are how long you are feeling this way. Keep in mind that stress relies on an external factor that is causing the stress reaction (such as an event or a deadline), and once the situation has passed or been resolved you start feeling more like yourself again. Anxiety and the symptoms associated with it tend to continue even when there is no immediate stress, danger or situation. When you are stressed, you may feel an internal struggle or pressure to achieve, fix or handle, whereas with anxiety you may feel a sense of uneasiness, constant fear or worry, over and above what the situation calls for.

In many cases, you can identify what caused your stress, whereas with anxiety you may not understand why you are feeling this way. The confusion of not understanding where these emotions stem from can increase your anxiousness and start to emerge as a more serious mental illness that affects your work, home and social life. The last distinquishing factor between the two may be in the symptoms, which are also where the misunderstanding begins. Both stress and anxiety can cause muscle tension, increased heart rate, headaches, irritability, fatigue, upset stomach and lack of sleep. Where they differ is when anxiety turns into panic, like an attack which can result in breathing difficulties, chest pains, excessive sweating, chills, tremors and an overwhelming sense of fear or terror and over time, withdrawal.
The Natural Approach is Different
We deliberated over the points of differences because how you support stress and anxiety naturally has a few subtle but significant differences. The recommendation for stress is to take adaptogenic herbs that help the body to better respond and recover from the stress. Herbal supplements, such as lemon balm, increase GABA, the feel-good hormone. Ashwagandha helps to balance cortisol production and provides support to the adrenal glands. Rhodiola helps to moderate serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in the brain. Theanine (an amino acid extracted from green tea) and 5HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan)
promote relaxation and a healthy mood balance by increasing alpha brain waves. Veeva Stress Formula is an excellent choice for natural stress management because the supplement is formulated with all of these adaptogenic herbs, making daily compliance of two capsules a day achievable. The natural protocol for Anxiety needs a slightly different approach, and the Veeva brand, which specializes in mental wellness, has the only supplement in North America to treat anxiety naturally. The Veeva Anxiety Formula supplement approaches anxiety from a physiological level. It focuses on calming the mental chatter, reducing nervousness, improving relaxation and heightens mental focus. Veeva Anxiety contains therapeutic dosages of Ashwagandha (as mentioned above, to balance cortisol production and hormonal responses). Cereboost® American Ginseng relieves physical nervousness and cognitive function, treating the effects of anxiety. It also includes Holy basil, because clinical evidence shows that 1000 mg a day of Holy Basil significantly improves the symptoms of a generalized anxiety disorder. Veeva Anxiety Formula contains the equivalent of 2,000 mg of Holy Basil per day. Veeva Anxiety also contains passionflower to suppress anxiety and L-Theanine to promote calm and relaxation. Both stress and anxiety deplete your water-soluble Vitamin B and C, both of which are required vitamins for supporting your central nervous system, adrenal function and energy. Consider taking Veeva B Complex with Alkaline C. As with all-natural health supplements consult your healthcare provider to discuss any concerns you may have. If you are taking prescribed medications for stress and anxiety, you will need to work closely with your practitioner before combining or ceasing any medicines. Herbal products may interact with some medication, please review the interactions listed on the products.
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