Why does Lemon Juice Balance Acidity?
All things in life require balance. The same principal applies to human pH levels, which require a very delicate balance of acidity in the body to perform your bodily functions. Your pH is the measurement of acidity in your body. A lower pH means your blood is more acidic while a higher pH means your blood is more balanced. The abbreviation “pH” is really a measurement of the "potential hydrogen"
of a given solution. The pH in your body varies from one area of the body to the another. The stomach is the most acidic in order to aid in digestion, your skin’s acidity is structured to provide protection from the outside environment, whereas your urinary tract should be more alkaline, and the list goes on. Your body naturally works to create an acid-alkaline balance through many different channels and your lungs and kidneys play a large part in the process. When the levels of acid in your blood are out of balance, it is referred to as acidosis. There are also different forms of acidities, such as in the respiratory system, which arise from the lungs’ inability to expel and regulate acid (usually caused by disease or injury), or metabolic acidosis where your kidneys are not able to remove excess acid from the body or your body produces too much acid. It can be caused from uncontrolled diabetes, build up of ketones in the body, prolonged exercise, certain medications (including salicylates), low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), dehydration, kidney disease, cancer, alcohol, and even an over-use of proteins. Some symptoms of acidosis include confusion, fatigue, headaches, sleepiness, and increased heart rate, is still emerging on how an acid/alkaline balance can affect health. Some clinical trials show that an imbalance of the acid/alkaline balance could lead to osteoporosis and loss of key minerals needed for healthy bones. Tumour cells, although they are not caused by an acidic body, may grow faster in an acidic environment.
Keeping the Balance with Morning Rise & Shine
With the understanding of the important delicate balance of your pH levels, there are a few natural ways to help keep things in check. One of the easiest ways to do this is by drinking a lemon/water mix in the morning upon rising, especially before your morning coffee. You can keep fresh squeezed lemon juice and water in the fridge and drink an 8 oz glass first thing in the morning, or boil some water and squeeze in a whole lemon. It sounds counter-productive because lemon juice is acidic, but whether food is acid or alkaline before it is digested has little to
do with its pH after ingestion. What matters are the by-products of that acid or alkaline type food, because there are by-products when broken down that affect your pH (called “Ash”) and it is these by-products that have to be filtered out by your kidneys. Foods that are high in proteins – meats, fish, dairy, eggs and alcohol – tend to create more acidic by-products than fruits, nuts, legumes, vegetables and yes, lemon juice which help to neutralize and reduce the amount of acids the kidneys need to filter out. We prefer the “Morning Rise & Shine” lemon drink from Prairie Naturals, which was formulated by Holistic Pharmacist RoseMarie Pierce (B.Sc. Pharm.). Morning Rise & Shine is a highly-absorbable mineral-enhanced, all- natural lemon & aloe drink that gently balances your internal body pH and promotes an alkaline environment. It also detoxifies and rejuvenates cells and organs. It can really be used any time of the day as a nice, refreshing cool drink. Keep in mind that a lemon water drink such as this also provides other great benefits. It is high in vitamin C, a strong antioxidant that helps keep the immune system strong, and prevents and fights disease. Drinking it with meals may help increase your absorption of some minerals and may help prevent the formation of certain types of kidney stones.

Key Points
Your body naturally works to create an acid-alkaline balance through many different channels Morning Rise & Shine is an all- natural lemon   aloe drink that gently balances your internal body pH Morning Rise & Shine detoxifies and rejuvenates cells and organs.
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