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While shopping last week, a friend and I stopped in and talked to our “Nutrition House Gal” to get the inside scoop on the Keto diet. We had heard so many great things about it that we couldn’t pass up the chance to find out what it is, how it works and most of all where to get started.
The nutrition advisor explained the Keto diet worked by transforming your body into a fat burning machine, which is achieved by reducing carbohydrates (eliminates almost all fruit and limits vegetables), while increasing fats in your diet, along with low to moderate amounts of protein. Since the Keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet, it lowers blood sugar and insulin levels allowing the body to use fat for energy.
Wow, we looked at each other and said, “That’s for us. Tell us more!”
When on a ketogenic diet, the goal is to achieve ketosis – the metabolic state where the body burns fat instead of glucose for fuel. While in ketosis, your body makes an abundance of ketones. While most individuals can use the Keto diet, it may not be ideal for individuals who are genetically predisposed to high cholesterol, or those with type 1 insulin-dependent diabetes.
We learned that if we want to try this Keto diet, it’s essential to use this program correctly for optimal results and to experience the benefits that Keto dieting could provide, which are:
Sustained energy…no more ups and downs in energy levels
Satiety or the feeling full and having fewer cravings
Reduced inflammation, fewer aches and pains
Weight reduction, when in the state of ketosis
Talking it through helped us to understand and make more sense of the Keto diet program, and it seems rather simple, especially with the full Keto diet support product line by Prairie Naturals. We now understand that there are some limitations to the Keto diet, as there are with all diets. If we want to achieve the best results, we also need to ensure that we are maintaining our overall health, that we make up for the deficiencies that this restricted diet may cause and that we replenish valuable nutrients that we are not getting from the reduction in food groups.
Eat the right kind of protein - PRAIRIE NATURALS KetoPro
Protein is essential for your good health; it is the building block of lean muscle, muscle repair and growth, maintaining healthy hair, skin, nails and internal organs. It plays a role in the creation of hormones and enzymes that your body relies on for normal functioning.
One of the keys to success when on the Keto diet is to ensure you are consuming the right types of protein. Reaching for those cuts of highly saturated meats just because they are high in fat does not necessarily mean being Keto healthy.
You can choose plant-based proteins as a go-to choice,
but we like the NEW KetoPro from Prairie Naturals.
Prairie Naturals
KetoPro Protein
formula includes Organic Chicken Broth Bone broth, which is a rich source of collagen protein, amino acids, minerals and connective tissue building nutrients. Then blended it with Zealand Whey Protein Isolate, which is an easily digested low carbohydrate source of protein and then added MCT OIL (from coconuts) to support the high-fat macros of a keto diet. Indeed, an excellent formula for Keto dieters or anyone that wants a well-rounded protein supplement.
Use a top-quality coconut oil –
Prairie Naturals Organic Non-GMO Coconut Oil
The most significant part of a Keto diet is to use fat as fuel, which means to be Keto healthy you need to choose healthier forms of fat. Some types of fat are better absorbed for the purpose of converting them to fuel – coconut oil is one such fat. Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride (MCT), which is more quickly converted to energy for your cells, so it makes sense to supplement your diet with coconut oil. But let’s face it most of us are not willing to take coconut oil by the tablespoon to get its best benefits.
KetoCoconut Oil
KetoCoconut oil comes in a capsule, so they are much easier to take on a more regular basis, they travel well and can be swallowed or chewed.
Supplement with Greens to boost nutrition –
Green Food supplements and a Keto diet make a perfect combination to ensure you are Keto healthy. This diet requires a reduction in a variety of fruits and vegetables. The restriction of these food groups can lead to a decrease in vital vitamins and minerals and also cause a more acidic environment for your cells. Alkalizing green food supplements are a good choice to ensure a proper nutrient balance, provide much-needed antioxidants as well as help remove toxins that can disrupt normal metabolism.
provides the nutrient balance, aids in appetite control, helps you stick to your eating plan and keeps you Keto healthy.
Reach for enzymes for added efficiency -
Your body has to adjust to the increase of fat from protein, and while a healthy digestive system does produce enzymes, most digestive systems could use the extra help. A digestive enzyme, such as the Prairie Naturals KetoEnzyme contains natural fat-digesting enzymes specially designed to help fat digestion, relieve constipation and provide bile salts for bloating, gas and digestive stress. Bile salts naturally act as an emulsifier for all types of fat. Emulsified fats are then more easily broken down and adequately absorbed. Perfect for keeping you Keto healthy.
Monitor your ketone levels -
Other Supplements to Support your Keto Healthy
Provides electrolyte balance of vital minerals like potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium
PRAIRIE NATURALS Magnesium Solution
or MagForce
Tends to be low in Keto dieters, but necessary for normal heart rhythm, muscle contraction and relaxing, immunity, nerve and over 300 bodily reactions
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